12 Free Winter Preschool Activities for Homeschoolers

A snowman made by preschoolers

I used these winter preschool activities when I taught a preschool class for our homeschool group. Our budget was extremely limited, so the price was right (free)! Since it was winter, all our books and activities were based on the season. You Can Create Your Own Winter Theme in Two Steps First, choose your winter […]

Stop Dreading Science Experiments

Photos from our review of BookShark Science Level D

“Mom! Is it time for science yet?” I don’t know about you, but sometimes I dread science experiments… My girls love the hands-on nature of science! They eagerly anticipate experiments. If I don’t plan them, they come up with their own.  Super creative, super messy, and sometimes lacking in safety! Perhaps you are like-minded and […]

Plan a Homeschool Co-op Class in 8 Brutally Simple Steps

How to plan a homeschool co-op class in 8 steps

If you’re part of a homeschool group or co-op, you may be asked to teach a class. Don’t panic! With a little planning and prep work, you can easily teach many co-op classes.  Good News: Each time you teach a homeschool co-op class, it gets easier.  That means you’ll soon be a pro!     […]

Do You Have a Homeschool Online Reading Library?

Homeschool Online Reading Library for 3rd and 5th grade--a review

I was compensated for the time I spent reviewing LightSail for Homeschoolers. A homeschool online reading library can save the day! If not yet, it is coming soon! A homeschool lesson sparks your child’s curiosity. Perhaps he wants to know all about butterflies, trains, or blood cells. A  library search pulls up plenty of books […]

A Strategy or 5: Homeschooling in Challenging Times

Title: A strategy or five for homeschoolin in challenging times

If you’re going through a challenging time, you need a strategy or five to help you navigate your days. As I’m writing this, most of us are experiencing some changes in our daily routine. Perhaps you’re struggling with sickness too. These are unexpected and challenging times to navigate. Rather than live in fear, choose a […]

CTCMath Review with 1st & 3rd Grade Homeschoolers

1st and 3rd grade homeschoolers review CTCMath

A Homeschool CTCMath Review! So what does a math loving, curriculum junkie (aka homeschool mom) do when she has the opportunity to use an online homeschool math curriculum?  She drools a bit in anticipation!  She imagines her children falling in love with math. She daydreams about relaxing while her children do their math independently. Even […]

Our First Monarch Experience

Monarch Butterfly

This was our first year raising Monarchs as a homeschool project. I’ve got to tell you that we love Monarchs! We may even have a bit of butterfly fever.  Perhaps your family would like to try raising Monarchs too. Here is a brief report of our Monarch project to get you started on your own. […]

Clutter Free: Simple Digital Homeschool Organization

Digital Clutter blog pic

Do You Have Digital Homeschool Clutter? Let’s find out if you have digital homeschool clutter. It’s a pretty simple test. How many free pdfs have you downloaded for your homeschool? Blog subscription freebies? Get on my list for more 🙂 Coloring pages? Planners?  Scavenger Hunts?  Printable scavenger hunts are at the end of the blog post […]

Easy to Teach: Homeschool Co-op Gym Class

Teach Homeschool Gym Co-op

You can teach a homeschool gym class at your co-op! Lesson plan is done for you. Print the free printable lesson plan, get your supplies, and you are ready to teach.

11 Simple Ideas for Homeschooling when Mom is Sick

Homeschooling sick

Homeschooling when mom is sick is possible! How do you homeschool when mom is sick? You need a plan. Thankfully this doesn’t happen very often at our house. But last week was one of those weeks.  What started as a sore throat, turned into a full blown cold or respiratory flu. I was out of […]