12 Free Winter Preschool Activities for Homeschoolers

A snowman made by preschoolers

I used these winter preschool activities when I taught a preschool class for our homeschool group.

Our budget was extremely limited, so the price was right (free)!

Since it was winter, all our books and activities were based on the season.

Pin for 12 Free Winter Preschool Activities

You Can Create Your Own Winter Theme in Two Steps

First, choose your winter books.

The stories you read will be the starting point for choosing your activities.

My preschoolers enjoyed:

  • The Mitten by Jan Brett
  • Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester
  • Sneezy the Snowman by Maureen Wright

Here are some book lists about snowmen, snow, and penguins to get you started.

Second, plan activities based on your chosen books. 

These are the activities that worked well for my homeschool preschool class!

Winter Theme Activities for Preschool

Use these preschool winter theme activities with your preschooler. They are low prep and most are free.

  1. Tacky the Penguin Craft 
    • Make your own Tacky the Penguin
  2. Plastic Spoon Penguin 
    • We used these to retell Tacky’s story.
  3. Penguin Color Match
    • Adorable penguins to dress (color matching). We printed and laminated these free penguins.
  4. Winter Playdough Mats
    • Use these free playdough mats to practice counting, adding, subtracting, and shaping numbers.
  5. Snowflakes
    • Teach your preschoolers how to make simple snowflakes. Decorate the classroom.
  6. Snowman Dress-Up
    • We made a few snowmen, laminated them, and then re-used them in our centers.
  7. Melted Snowmen
    • We mixed equal amounts of glue and shaving cream to create our melted snowman. Add a few snowman accessories and tell why your snowman melted.
  8. Matching Mittens
    • Bring in a bag of mittens and clothespins. Preschoolers can sort the mittens and clothespin them together. *They also love to take them apart and mix them together.
  9. Summer or Winter?
    • Sort items and activities based on seasons. I like to have the actual items for them to sort (plastic snow shovel, snorkel, flip flops, mittens, hat, soccer ball). 
    • Here’s a free printable sheet of summer and winter items to help you get started.
  10. Sneezy Snowman Snack
    • Check for dairy allergies before using this adorable snack and free printable.
  11. Outdoor Activities
    • If you are blessed with snow and warm clothing, take your preschoolers outside.
    • Build a snowman, slide down a hill, make a snow angel, throw a snowball, or try snow painting.
  12. Winter Preschool Bonus!
    • This free winter pack from Becky at thisreadingmama.com was really helpful when I planned my first winter preschool activities. 
    • We loved her game-boards and mitten activities!

Get More Winter Preschool Activities:

Grab some inspiration from my preschool Pinterest board.

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