A Strategy or 5: Homeschooling in Challenging Times

Title: A strategy or five for homeschoolin in challenging times

If you’re going through a challenging time, you need a strategy or five to help you navigate your days.

As I’m writing this, most of us are experiencing some changes in our daily routine. Perhaps you’re struggling with sickness too.

These are unexpected and challenging times to navigate. Rather than live in fear, choose a new strategy to help your family during this time.

Table of Contents

Strategy #1: Choose Your Anchor

In the midst of a storm, you need an anchor! Solid, strong, and unchanging when the world around you is full of unknowns.

For me, that is Jesus! Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, and today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8). So continuing in prayer and scripture reading is an essential part of my day.

Your children also need anchors throughout their day. Things that stay the same!

Not a rigid schedule, but a routine. We don’t have set times, but we know what comes next (one of my favorite homeschool benefits)!

This our flexible schedule:

  • Breakfast and Devotions
  • Morning Routine
  • Projects and Playtime
  • Lessons
  • Lunch
  • Story, Finish Lessons, and Play
  • Screen Time
  • Outdoor Activity
  • Snack
  • Chores, Projects and Playtime
  • Supper
  • Family Time (games, books, puzzles, movies)
  • Bedtime

Our morning routine has five steps that can be completed in any order. 

Strategy 1: Get a Printable Morning Routine
Click for Printable Routine
  • Get dressed
  • Eat breakfast
  • Brush teeth
  • Brush hair
  • Make your bed

Download a free morning routine printable to help you get started.

Strategy #2: Make Your Own Schedule

You’ll find lots of schedules on the internet, but your family is unique. Look at those schedules and create one that is specific to your family. 

Make sure that what’s important to you and your family is on that schedule.

What if Your Schedule Doesn’t Work?

It will take time to create a schedule that works for your family.  

If it’s not working, change it!  Adjust it for the specific needs of your family. 

Don’t force your family into someone else’s schedule. **If you are new to schooling at home, start slowly! Add one or two academic things to your day. When those are going well, add a little more.

Strategy #3: Assign Tasks

You do not need to do everything yourself!  Allow your children to help. If they aren’t offering, require your children to help the family.

Can your child operate a tablet, tv remote, or cell phone? Yes? Then use those skills to operate the dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, and vacuum. 

**Show and Tell** Example

This is our vacuum. I want you to vacuum the living room. Today I will show you how. Tomorrow I will help you. Then you will do this on your own!

  • If your child is very young or struggling with the task, keep helping until he is confident.
  • Always supervise

If everyone helps, keeping up with the house isn’t so overwhelming and there is more time for fun!

See the Ultimate List of Age Appropriate Chores for more ideas.

Strategy #4: Limit News

During tragedies, pandemics, and general unrest, the news is full of reports. These reports are usually about the negative things that are happening. Focussing on the negative will not help you or your children.

Let your children know what is going on in the world. Explain in an age appropriate way. 

  • For young children give a general explanation with few details. 
  • For tweens and teens give more details based on the child’s questions and maturity.

Do not watch the news all day long. Turn it off.  

Strategy #5: Focus on your Family 

How can you help your family during this time? 

  • Focus on each other
  • Learn new skills
  • Try new games & activities
  • Spend more time together–talking & playing
  • Add some unexpected fun to your day

How can your family help others during this time?

  • Look for people who need help
  • Share what you have
  • Smile
  • Offer kindness and friendship
  • Send a card or letter

When Life is Hard

During this season of life, take good care of yourself and your family! Pick a strategy or all five: choose an anchor, make a schedule, assign tasks, limit news, and focus on your family.

Look for the good in each day, instead of focussing on the negative. Your family can come through this time stronger than ever before.

Do you have another strategy that is helping your family? Share it in the comments! We can all use encouragement during challenging times.