Are Your Kids Coding Their Own Amazing Games?

Learning to Code? I don't know how to teach kids coding, but CodaKid does.

I’d rather have my kids coding than playing games or watching a ton of youTube.

We struggle with screen time at our house.

Nope! Scratch that!

I struggle with my girls having so much screen time. They love it!

They would have a screen on and be watching or playing all day, if I would let them. Just like Dad!

They love to play Roblox and Minecraft. Or watch other kids play games on youTube.

So instead of fighting about screen time, we are learning to code our own games!

Mom and Daughter trying kids coding with CodaKid.

Why Should I Teach Coding for Kids?

*I was compensated for the time I spent reviewing this service and writing this review. All opinions and experiences are specific to my family.

I never learned any coding, so why should my kids learn to code?

The world we live in is very different from when I was a kid.

Here’s my sad technology story from long ago… 

(when there were no cellphones, smart watches, or tablets).

At school, in the 80’s, we had one large computer in each classroom and everyone got ten minutes to play Oregon Trail.

Cindy Wetzel as a kid in the 80's never learned any coding. Now she's trying to teach her kids coding.

No one had a computer at home. They were too big, too expensive, and too confusing!

Now computers are much smaller, more affordable, and everywhere!

Our children use all kinds of technology everyday! All of this technology uses programming languages.

Perhaps we should teach kids coding just like we teach reading and math?

Teaching Kids Coding

As an adult, I searched for learning to code resources and found lots on Google. 

But my kids learn differently than I do! My girls were so lost when I showed them how I’m learning to code. How do I teach kids coding?

I figured they were too young and I’d have to learn to code before I could teach them. 

But they kept begging to make their own Roblox and Minecraft games!

I can teach a homeschool group, build a chicken coop, help Monarch butterflies, or craft with preschoolers, but…..

I don’t know how to teach kids coding!

Picture of Cindy confused about teaching kids coding!

So I’m thankful for CodaKid coming to save the day.

CodaKid is a kids coding platform that teaches kids how to use real programming languages and professional tools by creating games, coding apps, programming drones, building websites, and more.

CodaKid FAQ

CodaKid: Kids Coding Courses

My eight year old daughter, RJ, was so excited to try CodaKid’s Online Self-Study as part of our homeschool day.

She was determined to make her own game right away!  

First, we watched the getting started video.

I was tempted to skip this, but it really helped RJ to understand the dashboard and how to use CodaKid on her own.

We set-up two monitors, so RJ wouldn’t have to switch back and forth. You don’t need two screens, but I think it simplifies the learning process.

Her eyes were huge as she read the different course titles and we looked for a “beginner” class.

Screenshot of CodaKid dashboard as seen by kids coding.
CodaKid Dashboard ScreenShot

She decided to start with Coding Basics and began to learn how to use Scratch. Scratch is free to use, and we had tried it before—but we quit because we didn’t know what to do!

The Online Self-Study videos by CodaKid work great for RJ. She stops, starts, and replays the videos as needed.

CodaKid’s videos are designed with kids in mind. RJ loves the enthusiastic and never boring teachers!

She has learned how to add sprites, animation, and sound.

She is an artist and a bit of a perfectionist, so she has been doing a lot of artwork for her main game character, a dragon.

RJ working on her CodaKid dragon character.

Her dragon opens its wings as it flies! No easy feat, because she insists on having different colors for open and closed wings.

Animating her dragon, has really opened her eyes to what it takes to develop your own game. She’s spent several hours on just one dragon.

“I love CodaKid! It takes time to make a really cool game!”

RJ, eight years old

Mom Fear: I was afraid she would quit when realizing it would take more than a few minutes to make a game.

Thankfully, she is loving the learning process and enjoys working independently. This works out great if I’m having a sick day or needing a break!

I’m excited to see how her game will continue to develop. She says it will be fun and amazing!

RJ animating her dragon with coding for kids by CodaKid

RJ is already planning to make her own Minecraft mods and Roblox games!

While I’m trying to learn some programming languages to help her out, it’s taking me awhile. Python is more challenging than I anticipated!

She thinks it’s pretty cool that we are both learning to code.

Learn to Code with a Tutor

CodaKid also has Private 1-on-1 Tutoring.

This is a fantastic option for kids that learn better 1-on-1. My older daughter also wants to learn to code her own games, but doesn’t enjoy working independently.

Being able to customize my daughter’s education is one of my favorite homeschool benefits.

Get Your Kids Coding

CodaKid is a good choice for kids who want to learn real programming languages.

Especially those who are interested in getting started with coding basics, developing Roblox games, or learning how to make Minecraft mods.

It’s also great for homeschool parents who have no idea how to teach kids coding! Raising my hand here—that’s totally me!

CodaKid offers a free trial for your family and the resource Coding for Kids: The Ultimate Guide for Parents.

So…Are your kids coding their own amazing games?

Today’s a great day to try coding with them. We are having a blast!

CodaKid free trial of coding games for kids.

CodaKid Trial

Try it out with your kids!

  • 14 day free trial for the Online Self-Study platform. 
  • 2-session free trial for Private 1-on-1 Tutoring.

I’m proud of RJ for making her own flying dragon game and learning to code, but that’s not the best part.

The best part is watching her become more confident! Way to go girl 🙂