Meet an Independent Consultant with Thirty-One Gifts.

Meet an Independent Consultant with Thirty-One Gifts.

Cindy Wetzel: Independent Consultant for Thirty-One Gifts

I just celebrated my three year anniversary as an independent consultant with Thirty-One Gifts! It is an exciting day when you join Thirty-One as an independent consultant and your pink box arrives. While many consultants keep their pink boxes, I chose to keep a picture instead (that whole cut down on clutter idea –the box brought me joy, but it had to be released).


independent consultant for thirty-one thirty

I am an Independent Consultant. The views expressed on this page are mine and don’t necessarily represent the views of Thirty-One Gifts LLC.

*This site contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through my link, I will get some cents at no cost to you.

My Pink Box from Thirty-One!

Be an independent consultant

When I became a consultant for Thirty-One, my children were little. Too little to officially homeschool. Thirty-One was the perfect opportunity for me.

First, it allowed me to get out of the home and connect with adults. My husband was a great encouragement to me. He knew I needed some time out, so he cared for our children while I went to home parties.

Second, I absolutely love Thirty-One’s prints and products. I started with purses, diaper bags, thermals, and large utility totes. Then I learned about Thirty-One’s cubes for organizing. It’s safe to say, I purchased more than I sold during my first year as a consultant.

First Thirty-One Tote


My favorite project with Thirty-One is definitely my closet. I’m a little embarrassed to show the before picture with everyone. It was definitely not a functional closet. Things were constantly falling out or being reorganized. I love the after! It looks pretty much the same a year later. Makes my heart happy!

Before and after picture of closet reorganized with Thirty-One totes

Now, I still love Thirty-One’s products, but my children are older. We are involved in so many activities, that I don’t need time away from home. My business focus has changed from home parties to more online parties and sales to people who know I’m a consultant.

My Facebook business page is where we connect the most. 

I’ll be sharing about my home business here so that my friends can easily get the information they need. I have to break things down a bit–just for my momma!

If you want to shop Thirty-One Gifts, my consultant page is waiting for you. Curious about what I do? It’s free to look!

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